The Pup is the first connected pocket scanner that allows you to scan anything with ease.  Scanners are becoming a thing of the past, this device makes it much easier.

A few years ago, scanning a document was a hassle if you didn’t have a scanner and even if you did have one the process was some what cumbersome.  This makes it hassle free and you can scan much faster

pup pocket scanner

The Pup was made to replace traditional scanners for good

On top of being efficient to use, they scan word and excel docs straight into your computer or mobile device.  Receive the same formatting which could save so much time.
It was also made for scanning images as well.  Giving you rich quality straight into your device and digitized in a way you can send through email, social media, or whatever you want.

pup pocket scanner how to use

The Pup draws a border to let you know where the scan will be

When you scan a document, the Pup draws a box to show you where it is scanning.  The extra background will be cropped off so you don’t have to be super precise.

It’s great for scanning things of all sizes.  Scan small receipts or large size documents,  all you have to do is aim the Pup and scan.

pup pocket scanner uses

$299.00 $169.00

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