Quen Shoe Cover – Automatic Shoe Wrap

The Quen Shoe Cover Machine is the newest way to keep your carpets clean at home while letting your guests keep their shoes on. It wraps the sole of your shoe and your ready to go instantly.

The Quen Shoe Cover Machine has many applications in your daily life

Imagine you don’t want the bottom of your shoes getting dirty so you wrap these on your shoe and now your sole will stay fresh and clean. It’s the perfect machine for the keeping your shoes sanitized.

Imagine you just added new carpet but your house is still under construction. This is perfect to have workers and also occupants where these shoe covers to keep from ruining your nice carpet.

Quen shoe cover machine

The Quen Shoe Cover Machine works for any shoe

This wrap works for just about any size foot. It’s large and has a large platform to place your feet on.

It also can wrap around high heals and other oddly shaped shoe as it’s plastic shrinks to whatever is in front of it. It truly is a new invention that we have not seen before.

Quen shoe cover machine

Quen shoe cover machine


What are the other alternatives to this automatic shoe cover machine?

Right now, if you don’t want something that does the same trick and you want to get it directly from amazon, you can!  There are several levels of an “automatic shoe cover dispenser”, so here are some of the cool ones we’ve seen:

1. The Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser by Shoe Inn

It definitely looks a little less high tech than the Quen Shoe Cover, but it looks like it does the same type of job.  The booties also look like it doesn’t use plastic which is a plus for the environment.  Check out the Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser on Amazon.

2. The RONRI Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser

This one is our favorite by far.  For an EXTREMELY marked down price, this automatic shoe cover dispenser doesn’t use any electricity or batteries.  It’s a clever contraption that puts a bootie on your foot automatically.

It also does not use plastic and is much better for the environment.  If you don’t want to spend over $300 on a shoe cover dispenser, this one definitely does the trick.  Get it on Amazon here.

Ronri Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Ronri Automatic Shoe Cover DispenserRonri Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser How It Works


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