SeatSwing – Handsfree Toilet Seat Lifter

SeatSwing is the first handsfree toilet seat lifter that makes it so you don’t need to touch a dirty toilet seat when you go to the bathroom.  Women and men can both sympathize with the agony that comes to touching a dirty toilet seat.

SeatSwing automatically lifts up the toilet seat with just a push of the rim.  All you have to do is tap on the rim and it raises by it self with no effort.

The SeatSwing comes fully built for the end user

This product does not use batteries, it uses a spring loaded system to help raise the toilet seat for you.  It’s also extremely easy to install on your toilet because it works just like a normal toilet seat.

It is made with very strong material for long lasting a durable usage.  One seat will last you a long time!
seatswing features

The SeatSwing’s process and installation is extremely easy

The actual method of opening the SeatSwing is so easy that it’s fit for daily use.  Just use your leg to tap on the toilet rim and up comes the lid.

It has a simple latch and spring loaded base that helps push the toilet seat up.  It then uses the same technology in order to pull it back down when you want to sit down.

seatswing technology

seatswing how it works


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