Smart Kapp Capture Board

The Smart Kapp capture board is a new evolution in whiteboard design. This board can pair with any tablet, iPhone or Android so that you can view what’s happening on your device in real time.

The Smart Kapp Capture Board Takes Your Notes For You

All you have to do now at office meetings is sit and watch the action from the app!  All changes are automatically updated and saved.

The app allows users to watch the proceedings from any remote location. Simply tap the photo icon on the board to capture photos of the presentation that can be seen through the app.

Smart Kapp Capture Board Provides Easy Installation

Easy to install and connect. Simply plug in the Smart Kapp capture board and tap your device against the board to instantly sync with the app.

Works like a traditional whiteboard with a real dry erase pen and dry eraser. Only this time, your ideas are captured in real time for all users, anywhere in the world, to see.

Smart Kapp 4

$899.00 $305.96

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