SPoE Printer, To Change The Way The World Prints Forever

Introducing the SPoE Printer, which stands for Simply Print on Everything. It means what its name says: simply print on any size surface anytime, anywhere.

A Mobile SPoE Printer For Any Surface

The SPoE Printer does away with feeders, trays, and cumbersome cartridges. Instead, it uses a patent-pending retractable tread system to so that it can print on any surface.

The SPoE can print on wood, fabric, paper, boxes, windows, metal, you name it! There are just three small cartridges for each kind of work–garment, inkjet, and solvent.

The retractable tread system is at the heart of the SPoE printer. It was developed through painstaking research and is so strong that a printed T-shirt can be washed ten times without fading.

Best of all, the SPoE’s surprisingly small, lightweight design means it can be carried in one hand. Perfect for on-the-go designers, teachers, and entrepreneurs.


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