Cleanliness has never looked so sleek. Much to the delight of clean freaks everywhere, there’s a new standard when it comes to removing dirt, grime, and bacteria from your life.

Meet the Sonic Soak, a new ultrasonic cleaning tool that cleans deeply, all while saving you time, water, and energy. The palm-sized device can be taken just about anywhere to clean just about anything — simply place it in a bowl of water, alongside whatever needs to be sanitized, and let it do its thing.

Clean With the Power of Ultrasound by Using the Sonic Soak

Using modulated ultrasonic waves, the Sonic Soak disintegrate dirt and bacteria at a microscopic level. But how does it work? Apparently, the Sonic Soak sends ultrasound into its surrounding liquid environment, creating microscopic cavitation bubbles. These bubbles hit the surface of what needs to be cleaned (your glasses, your clothes, or even a piece of fruit or a vegetable), and implode. The resulting pressure washes out dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria. 

Using the Sonic Soak, cleaning is a breeze. Just fill your container of choice with water (perhaps contingent upon the size load you have to clean), then plug the Sonic Soak into an outlet. From there, add your detergent or soap, drop in the Sonic Soak, and press “start.” Apparently, even with its impressive cleaning capabilities, the device is quite quiet, and generates sounds no louder, and not much different, than moderate rainfall.

Sonic Soak

Clean About Anything, Anywhere with Sonic Soak!

Clean everything in your home using the power of ultrasonic technology with the Sonic Soak. And not only can your clothing benefit from some cleaning, but the Sonic Soak can also clean your jewelry, your toothbrush, fruits and vegetables and even your kids’ toys. Most other anti-bacterial cleaners rely on harsh chemicals (or harsh washing cycles), but the Sonic Soak is so gentle yet effective.

Promising to serve as a perfect travel companion, the Sonic Soak can help you pack lighter, as you can easily wash clothes while you’re away from home.

Sonic Soak


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