Toilet Night Light – IllumiBowl (Seen On Shark Tank)

The IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light lights up your toilet bowl at night to give you better sight when going to the restroom at night.  Men know exactly why this would be a good invention when talking about aim.

Waking up during the middle of the night to use the bathroom sucks if you have to turn on your restroom light.  With this toilet night light, you can now use the toilet at night without having to blind yourself with bright restroom lights.

A toilet night light is practical for any household or toilet

It was designed to be extremely compact and able to fit on just about any toilet bowl.  The light sensor hangs outside of the toilet, while the light just barely hangs into the toilet bowl.

It was made to stick to the side of the toilet to reduce waste from getting on it.  Accidental mess can easily be cleaned off of the toilet night light because of the cleanable material it’s coated with.illumibowl toilet night light attachment

It takes up little battery power to operate and can last for months on a single set of batteries.  The light is also very bright and gives the entire bathroom a night light glow.


toilet night light design

When the lights are turned off the toilet night light will turn on.  There are eight color options that you can set or you can rotate the colors as well.

Illumibowl toilet night light colors

This item was seen on Shark Tank and Kickstarter which definitely tells you it’s a great idea and a good quality invention.  These are so affordable and easy to setup, we expect to see these in everyone’s home toilets soon.

This video that helped it become famous to help you get a better understanding of the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light.  Your bathroom just started looking a little more futuristic.



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