Tranquil 2.0 Neck Support For Instant Comfort

Soothe aching back, neck and shoulder strains with Tranquil 2.0 neck support. This state-of-the-art system provides soothing relief in minutes.

Tranquil 2.0 Neck Support Improves Alignment and Restores Curvature

After a long day hunching over our various tech devices, the body can curve out of alignment, causing all kinds of uncomfortable pain. Tranquil 2.0 helps to restore that alignment to provide soothing relief.

Tranquil 2.0 neck support now adds in a heating pad, with an adjustable decline to help you relax. Feel the strain and stress of the day evaporate in minutes.

Restoring the straightness of the neck and reducing muscle tension also helps to restore a calm, stable mood. It’s like a huge weight being lifted from your shoulders.

The Tranquil 2.0 is fully adjustable and you can even use it while you sleep. Just 8 minutes of use every day can transform your life.


$149.00 $89.00

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