TubShroom: The Revolutionary Tub Drain Protector Hair Catcher/Strainer/Snare

TubShroom is a revolutionary tub drain protector that catches hair inside of your sink or bathtub.  We’ve all dealt with cumbersome hair clogging up a drain and it’s hard to keep it from going in there, but the TubShroom fixes that problem by catching it all.

This device is extremely affordable and healthy for all of your drains.  Drain-o and other drain products don’t always get the job done and often times you have to snake your sink or bathtub. Not anymore!

The TubShroom fits like a glove on any sink or bathtub

Unlike regular hair catchers or drain protectors, the TubShroom actually goes inside of your drain instead of just on top of it.  It makes it so no hair can easily slip through.

It fits directly into any standard drain and fits snugly so it doesn’t come out easily.  With a tight fit in your drain, it ensures that no hair will seep through the drain and get clogged in the pipes.
TubShroom sinks
TubShroom special instructions

Using and cleaning the TubShroom is extremely easy

Once your TubShroom is full of hair, all you have to do is pull it out from the drain and clear off the air from it.  There’s no additional mess because the hair conveniently wraps around the TubShroom which makes it very easy to pull off.

You can reuse the TubShroom as many times as you want so it lasts very long.  Even though it seems extremely simple, the TubShroom is intricately made to handle the heaviest and clunkiest hair.
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$19.95 $12.99

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