Turbo FUSION – Elevate Your Bathroom Posture & Experience

Turbo FUSION is the perfect toilet stool that gives you perfect posture when you take a poop.  It curls up your feet to push your bowels straight and let the waste flow.

The difference between sitting regular and using the Turbo FUSION is astounding.  This small adjustment can help you poop better and get the waste out thoroughly.

Turbo Fusion Toilet Posture Sit

The process for setting up the Turbo FUSION is very easy.

Using this on the toilet everyday is very easy and practical for daily life.   There’s really only five functions to it so it doesn’t have a high learning curve.

Turbo Fusion Toilet Posture Steps

The height of the Turbo FUSION is adjustable to your liking

This toilet stool has four adjustable heights that give you four different positions:

Level 1: Hip

Level 2: Pro

Level 3: Uber

Level 4: Insane
Each step is possible position for you depending on what’s most comfortable for you.

Turbo Fusion Toilet Posture adjustable height 2

Turbo Fusion Toilet Posture Use

Of course they had to make it come in different types of material and design.  Each one giving it a unique look and an awesome design.

Everyone should poop at least once a day, so why not make it the most productive waste flush.  The Turbo FUSION is the perfect gift for someone you know that spends a lot of time on the toilet.

It was started on Kickstarter and is starting to get extremely popular.  Help support the campaign and receive your first Turbo FUSION, so you can start pooping efficiently.


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