Vardama Sweat & Stain Proof Tech Shirts

Vardama is a sweat and stain proof shirt with cutting-edge technology that really keeps your shirt stain and sweat free. Liquid flies off these cool looking shirts like it’s repellent to all water-like substance.

vardama water resistant shirt

Vardama makes dress shrits like they should be made

How many times have you had an accidental spill on your shirt and it ruins your appearance? Vardama lets you put a little water on your shirt and the stain comes right off. It’s absolutely amazing for situations just like this.

The technology is definitely new and it’s very similar to nano technologies that repel water on your shoes or other products. It’s perfect for heavy duty suit wearers.

Vardama has plenty of styles and colors to choose from

You’ll always look sharp with these shirts because there are plenty of sizes, colors and shapes to keep you satisfied. They really do look sharp.

vardama suit


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