Winston—The Plug-n-Play Device that Lets You Takes Control of Your Online Privacy

Data privacy is a serious matter. Whether you’re a famous public figure or not, getting your online information hacked and stolen can lead to worse cases like identity theft and many more. The best way to avoid this from happening to you is to use Winston, the device that helps you take back control of your online privacy.

With Winston, rest assured that your data is secure and protected. All your information, ranging from email addresses to passwords and even bank accounts, will be kept safe from thieving Internet eyes.

Winston Provides Security Within Minutes

Winston is fast and easy to assemble and install, taking only about a minute or two. There are no annoying, unnecessary wires and buttons that will waste your time. This device is created to help you secure your data, not to teach you how to become a wire technician!

In just a click of a button, its plug and play feature immediately starts operating. Once turned on, all your devices, from your smartphone up to your home computer, are safe from hackers and other outside forces.

Multiple Services in One Compact Device, Winston

If you think data protection is the only service that Winston can offer, there’s actually more to it than meets the eye. Not only can you guarantee protection from hackers and online identity thieves, but the Winston device also offers a wide range of online and technical services.

Aside from online protection and safety, you can also expect Winston to block out annoying pop-ads and malware that attempt to make its way to your system. It can also monitor traffic, making sure you experience fast Internet with no lagging.

While it prevents access from any other unauthorized third party or non-administrative intervention, the Winston device also filters cookies from any website all while helping you consume less data than usual. In return, this boosts up Internet speed, making your surfing indefinitely better than ever.

Why Choose Winston?

If you think using the traditional method of incognito tabs will be enough to cover your tracks online, it’s never going to protect you from anything. The same goes with downloadable applications and pop-blockers that promise you protection but don’t really do anything either.

With Winston, it has been proven and guaranteed by satisfied users that their data has never felt safer than ever. This powerful device is not only useful for your devices, but it’s also lightweight and takes up little space during usage. Super convenient while working or watching live streams!

Get your own Winston device today and protect your data from hackers.


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