The Wireless Mouse Pen is a new wave form of controlling your computer! You’re familiar with the traditional computer mouse and possibly even the mouse pad, but you’ve never experienced anything like this.

This Wireless Mouse Pen is for the tech geek inside of all of us!


Featuring a 2.4 ghz fully wireless capability, you can transform the way you control your computer! This Wireless Mouse Pen does it all, from right click/left click functionalities, all the way to scrolling up and down!

The Wireless Mouse Pen is the newest gadget in 2018 for anyone who uses a computer!

Save yourself the hand aches and cramps that traditional mouses gives you, this Wireless Mouse Pen is the new wave of computer mouses!


This Wireless Mouse Pen mimics that of a regular writing pen. With its sleek and compact design, you can be assure that your hand will be in a much more relaxed and comfortable state.


So what are you waiting for, if you use a computer just as much as we do in the office here; then you need a Wireless Mouse Pen! You might just think its a regular old pen and try writing with it! Lol!




$39.99 $19.99

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