Women around the world have simply accepted the fact that twisting and turning is the only way to fully zip your dress when you’re alone or leave it half zipped! But that isn’t the case anymore. The Zip My Dress is a simple solution to this everyday challenge and a tool that belongs in the hands of every woman.

The unique patented Zip My Dress is a functional must-have tool that assists women with those hard to reach zippers that stretch from the base of the back, up the neck.

Zip My Dress Easily, Anywhere!

Zip My Dress is a hassle-free accessory-no more straining, stretching or contorting to fully zip your dress. Before you slip into a beautiful dress, clamp a zipper pull from Zip My Dress to that pesky back zipper. Then put on the garment, pull gently on the attached ribbon and voila — it’s dressing made easy! To unzip your dress, do the same steps backwards.

Zip My Dress comes with canvas pouch for keeping it tangle free and clean for the woman on the go. Throw it in your purse for shopping, travel, or business trips.

Zip My Dress

Zip My Dress can be used on a variety of clothing items and zipper types! The zipper puller works on virtually any zipper types on all areas of clothing. With elongated hook is easy to remove from high, low and mid-back zippers.

Zip My Dress is elegant, unique and durable design. It can withstands up to 25 pounds of force to zip up the tightest dresses. It is designed to withstand even Kardashian-Tight Dresses.

Zip My Dress


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