Zubits – Magnetic Shoe Closures

Zubits are magnetic shoe closures that attach to your shoe laces and snap together so you don’t have to tie your shoe laces anymore.  They are the perfect addition to your shoe, making your life so much easier.

These small magnetic closures loop-in right through your laces with ease and they fit on pretty much any shoes with laces.  The magnet is extremely easy to pop off when you want your shoes off, but they are strong enough to hold together in the heaviest sports.

classy shoes zubits

Zubits are extremely easy to use and they work for kids and adults

Lacing the Zubits up are so easy because it only attaches to your top three laces, so all you have to do is undo your top 3 laces and loop them through.  After you’ve looped them through, simply snap them together to tighter your shoes.

When you are finished from an intense work out or just a nice stroll through the park, simply pull your foot forward.  The magnets will snap off and your ready to get out of your shoes.

zubits how to guide

Zubit really fits all shoe sizes and tightens up anyone’s shoes

Zubit comes in a couple of sizes for those bigger shoes, so you never have to worry about your shoes being too big.  From Converse, Vans, Nikes, Adidas and so much more, these little magnetic clasps really have been tested out on many shoes.

It’s the perfect fit for shoes that you wear on the go and constantly take off.  Taking your shoes on and off has never been this easy.


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