Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Answer Calls and Listen to Music in the Shower

The SoundBot Bluetooth Shower Speaker allows you to listen to music or answer your phone, directly in the shower.  It’s the perfection addition to you’re bathroom, especially for people that like listening to music or people that would like to answer a call in the shower.

The Bluetooth Shower Speaker sticks on to your wall and connects via bluetooth to you’re mobile device.  It also comes in nine beautiful colors which makes it a perfect gift for practically anybody.

Soundbot Bluetooth Shower Speaker Featured

SoundBot Bluetooth Shower Speaker is built for the shower

The entire bluetooth shower speaker is water resistant so there’s no worries placing this in the shower.  All the parts are well protected and it also comes with a 100% risk-free one year manufacture warranty.

It’s very small and compact so it fits in just about any spot in your shower.  The suction cup is strong and large which makes it an easy task sticking it to the wall.

Soundbot Bluetooth Shower Speaker Dimensions

It’s a fully functional bluetooth shower speaker because it’s loaded with features

This bluetooth speaker has five buttons which let’s you change the music whenever you want, pick up/hang up your phone, turn the power on and off and also pause/play your music.  The built-in microphone is on the front of the device and it provides excellent quality and reduces your shower noise.

The speaker it self is crystal clear and produces HD quality sound.  It delivers premium acoustic sound and enriched music listening experiences with a full spectrum of tone.


Soundbot Shower Speaker Diagram

Of course, the Soundbot Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker comes with a USB cable and a rechargeable battery so you can always keep it charged up easily.  It has six hours of playback time which will last you plenty of showers before recharging it.  The wireless range is up to 33 feet which makes it so your phone can be put safely away from any harmful water damage.

Soundbot Bluetooth Shower Speaker Features


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