Brush Hero Wheel Brush, Premium Water-Powered Turbine for Rims, Engines, Bikes, Equipment, Furniture and More

The Brush Hero Wheel Brush is a premium water-powered turbine for rims, engines, bikes, equipment, furniture and more! It’s perfect for those hard to reach places and really leaves your equipment looking clean and fresh.

The Brush Hero requires no batteries or electricity

This awesome cleaning brush does not require a single battery or a single watt of electricity. It is powered by water pressure and connects to practically any garden hose.

All you have to do is attach it to your garden hose and flip the switch to begin watching the ultimate cleaning cycle. It has just enough torque to really cut through that pesky dirt.

brush hero Body
brush hero Pools

The Brush Hero works on all kinds of surfaces and equipment

This brush is not just designed for cleaning your car wheels, it has plenty of other surfaces and uses. Any hard to reach places or outdoor equipment is perfect for this brush to clean.

This makes a great gift for anyone looking to do some outdoor cleaning without much hassle. Stop using sponges and other useless objects when you can save your energy and effort using this fantastic brush.

brush hero Bikes
brush hero Windows
brush hero Motorcycles

$39.99 $35.99

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