Busy Builders – Customizable Fidget Cubes

If you love fidget cubes and fidget toys, Busy Builders is the coolest and newest way to make a customizable fidget cube that allows you to choose what gimmicks you want on each side.  It’s the ultimate fidget lover’s dream.

The Busy Builders cube has tons of pieces to build your fidget toy

Busy Builders come with random pieces that allows you to collect and build cool fidget cubes that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.  All the pieces are pretty standard, but there are a few twists that have not been seen on a fidget cube before.

busy builder pieces 1 busy builders pieces 2 busy builders pieces 3

The possibilities with Busy Builders are endless

Think legos meets fidget cubes and that’s what you get with this new build-able toy.  You can stack them and make a giant cube or keep it simple and only added a few pieces.  The decision is up to you!


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