Chameleon Pens – Let’s You Change the Color Tone of Your Pen

Chameleon Pens are the ultimate drawing necessity because of it’s unique design that allows you to change the color tone of each pen.  It gives you endless shading possibilites and really helps make your art pop.

These pens are extremely easy to change the color.  Just use the cap on the top of the marker and choose your shade or color tone.

chameleon pens color change

Chameleon Pens come in all sorts of packages and sets

The great thing about these pens is that they aren’t sold in one big expensive 100+ pen set.  They have a lot of packages to choose from on Amazon so the price can vary $21 and up.

chameleon pens carrying case
If you’re a really big enthusiast of these pens you can get the Deluxe set that comes with 52 pens.  This set comes with a nifty carrying case that lets you turn the case into an art center.
chameleon pens 52 pens

Chameleon Pens are the perfect gift for that friend who is really into art

Give a gift an art lover will really appreciate.  These markers are refillable and they last very long.  This product is something art lovers will truly appreciate because of the fact that it’s so reusable and so unique in this field.
chameleon pens featured

Drawing in multiple tones can be an extremely fun day time activity or one that is perfect for your kids on a Sunday afternoon.  These unique pens really cannot be found anywhere else.


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