Bondic – Repair Anything, Better Than Glue and Also Waterproof/Heat Resistant

Bondic is a repair tool that lets you repair just about anything! It works in places where glue fails by using liquid plastic to bond things where you would need plastic to be.

It has the capability of bonding things like wires, ceramic, metal and so much more. This tool is the perfect fix for sticky situations, so forget about glue and start using Bondic to repair things.

Bondic won’t dry until you want it to

This useful repair kit has liquid plastic which can be placed on just about anything, the best part about it is that it does not harden until you shine the special LED UV light on it. This will allow you to carefully repair your belongings without messing up.

Unlike glue, the liquid plastic stays in liquid form and doesn’t just dry in seconds. This gives you ample time to slowly apply the liquid and get the perfect shape before hardening it with the provided LED UV light.

bondic ceramic

bondic Featured wires

The Bondic kit comes with everything you need to start repairing right away

The kit comes with a 4 gram tube of liquid plastic which should be enough for any repair. It also comes with the famous UV LED light that hardens the plastic, so you’re ready to go upon purchasing this kit.

You can always buy refills which is great and makes this tool useable for a life time. Start repairing your broken wires, metal, fabrics and anything else you could think of.

bondic repair kit

bondic uses


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