The Magic Towel is the last towel you will ever need! You’ve seen the Magic Towel before, but now it’s reinvented!

The Magic Towel will save you $100’s of dollar a month on paper towels!

Made from a super absorbent cotton fiber material, this towel will soak up and clean any liquid mess that may happen. And if you’re anyone like us, we have a lot of those spills!


Included in the pack are (8) Magic Towels for endless cleanups!  Machine washable as well so you can use these for any messy cleanup, and still have a fresh new Magic Towel to use at the end of the day!

The Magic Towel will clean up any liquid spill or mess that may happen in your house!

So if you’re tired of buying new paper towels every week for liquid cleanups, than you need this Magic Towel!


Easily cleanup any mess and say no more to buying $100’s of dollars worth of paper towels monthly!



$39.99 $19.99

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