RAK Magnetic Wristband with Strong Magnets for Holding Screws, Nails, Drill Bits

Rak Magnetic Wristband is a strong magnetic wristband that holds screws, nails, dril bits and more to give you an extra hand when you need it the most. It straps directly to your wrist and we’ll help you avoid dropping screws while doing your next home project.

Rak Magnetic Wristband is like having another set of helping hands

We’ve all tried to screw or nail something, but then dropped that screw or nail and created a world of headache. This nifty little wristband will help you stick those screws and bolts to your wrist giving you an extra set of hands.

It’s really a simple invention that can work wonders for your home improvement life. It’s built to last and built to hold almost any type of metal screw, nut, bolt etc.

Rak Magnetic Wristband screw helper
Rak Magnetic Wristband wrist band

Rak Magnetic Wristband has 10 strong magnets

This magnetic wristband is surrounded with 10 ridiculously strong magnets so it can hold almost any screw, nail, bolt, washer, drill bit and more. It’s perfect for home improvement, construction, carpentry, auto repar, sewing and other DIY projects.

It’s completely adjustable and fits everyone thanks to it’s adjustable one size fits all strap. It’s the perfect must have gift for Birthdays, Christmas and other Holidays for any DIY, handyman, father, boyfriend, men or women.

Rak Magnetic Wristband undefined
Rak Magnetic Wristband screws nuts bolts magnetic

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