Mini Electric Screwdriver with LED Light (18 Piece Repair Tool Kit)

The mini electric screwdriver is the perfect tactile tool that is smaller than your average screwdriver, but packs the punch of an electrical screwdriver.  It’s perfect for mini projects and do-it-yourself home projects.

Mini Electric Screwdriver kit

The mini electric screwdriver comes complete with everything you need

This kit comes with 18 different screw heads that gives you freedom to work on many devices.  The changeable heads offer a wide range of flexibility and is perfect for working on small gadgets and devices.

It also comes with a tactile LED flash light to help you see while your screwing things in.  The flashlight is built on the tip of the device so it shines perfectly on what you’re screwing on.

Mini Electric Screwdriver kit Mini Electric Screwdriver kit

This mini electric screw driver comes with unique tips

Some of the 18 unique screwdriver tips that it comes with all fit regular philips and flat heads, but it also comes with some unique ones.  The unique ones are supposedly great for iPhones and Androids as some of these screw heads are rare.

This is a perfect handy tool to keep in your drawer so you’ll never need to buy a heavy duty screw gun unless you’re doing some serious drilling.  For the most part this mini electric screw driver handles everything you need it for.

Mini Electric Screwdriver kit

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