GUND Plush Peek-A-Boo Teddy Bear

Keep your toddler entertained for hours with this plush peek-a-boo teddy bear. It plays a gentle game of peek-a-boo with a white cloth, to create an enchanting impression for any baby.

Peek-A-Boo Teddy Bear Is Soft And Plush

This Peek-A-Boo Bear is fashioned from the finest materials for a soft, fluffy feel. Its high-quality plush finish is easy on your baby’s skin.

Your baby will find itself fascinated by its automatic peek-a-boo action. One minute it’s holding a white cloth to its eyes, the next minute it pulls the cloth down to reveal its charming face.

Every time it’s turned on, this plush teddy bear emanates a cute sound that will delight your baby. Time to play!

Peek-A-Boo Teddy Bear Is Surface Washable

In addition, this adorable teddy bear is surface-washable for an easy clean. It will provide countless hours of entertainment as it becomes a mainstay of your child’s life.


Peek 4

$79.99 $39.99

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