Hasbro Pie Face Game – Most Competitive Showdown

The Hasbro Pie Face Game has easily become one of the most entertaining games for kids and adults.  Avoid getting pied by playing against your friend or foe!

Both players rapidly press a button and the pie arm moves closer towards whoever is pushing the button slower.  At the verge of crossing a certain line, the loser will be pied in the face.

hasbro pie face game showdown

The reason Hasbro Pie Face Game makes a great gift

This game is very inexpensive and provides you quick relief at a party or for kids to simply build memories and have fun.  The best part about this game is it’s challenging, but gets to the point extremely quick.

There is also a solo version of this game which also proves to be extremely fun.  People take turns cranking the machine and randomly the hand will come up, pie-ing  you in the face.  Each player draws cards to take turns and the cards have numbers on it indicating how much you have to crank the machine.


How to play the famous Hasbro Pie Face Game

1.) Setup the pie face game by putting whipped cream on the hand.  Put enough so the loser of the game will not want to lose.

2.) Both players place your chin on the mount so your in positioned to get pied

3.) On the count of three press the read button repeatedly until a loser is born.

The popular pie in face game that you saw a viral video for

This game is one of the top trending games on the internet and a few simple videos have made it that way. It’s a pleasant surprise to bring out at a party if you are an adult or a kid.


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