Humpty Dumpty Wall Game Keeps You In Suspense

This Humpty Dumpty wall game will keep you entertained as you remove each brick one at a time. Play with a friend and see who becomes the first to make him fall!

Humpty Dumpty Wall Game Is Fun For All Ages

In this test of skill and strategy, you remove each brick piece-by-piece, attempting to see how long you can go before Humpty inevitably falls off his perch.

Humpty 1

You can play by yourself, or take turns with a friend or family member. There is an artful strategy involved here as you have to choose which bricks you can remove while keeping Humpty on the wall.

This game is constructed from a high-quality plastic material that’s durable and easy to wipe off. Both children and adults will enjoy testing their skills with this simple but timeless game.

This game is really addictive as you challenge yourself to see just how many bricks can be taken out before Humpty falls. Supplies are limited, so get yours at this reduced price while they last!

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