Magic Dent Repair

Remove dents without compromising the factory finish of your vehicle with Magic Dent Repair kit. This is a paintless dent repair kit that will keep you from paying for body shop repairs.

The Magic Dent Repair can be used in a wide applications. The kit comes in an inspired design that provides the convenience of paintless repair. Besides its effectiveness in dent and ding repair, the kit works fast to repair dents in just half an hour or less.

EASY DIY Professional Auto-Body Dent Repair Results

The kit is designed for repairing all types of dents, both minor and major. It includes Bridge Dent Puller, 4 Glue Tabs and a White Tap Down Pen. Glue is applied to create sufficient cushion between the puller pad and the metal. The holes in the tabs let the glue adhere easily. Immediately place pad in the center of the dent and place the Bridge Puller. After some tightening through the screw knob, the pad pops off.

After popping off the dent, spray alcohol on the residual glue, remove it with glue scraper, clean the repaired place with a clean wet cloth. Voila! no dents, no trace of it, no paint damage.

Magic Dent Repair

Time Saving, Cost Saving and Wide Application

No need wait for the car dent repair in auto body repair shop, most of the dent removal can be finished in half hour. No high paint material & labor costs associated with Magic Dent Repair

The Magic Dent Repair is great for car dent removal, hail damage, dings, paintless repair. And it’s also suitable for the sheet metal processing of truck, automobile, refrigerator, motorcycle body, washing machine etc.

Magic Dent Repair
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