Magic Scratch Repair Cloth

All car drivers are always haunted by their most common phobia – Scratches! Always have a Magic Scratch Repair Cloth in handy for any scratch emergencies so you can instantly repair it before your wife see it and nag you out.

The Magic Scratch Repair Cloth repairs scratches easily on your car and furniture with a little bit of magic.  It’s perfect for those minor scratches and etchings that seem hard to get rid of.  Don’t run out to the body shop until you’ve tried this!

Magic Scratch Repair Cloth is Your Ultimate Solution for Scratches and Scuffs!

Blessed with the power NanoRepair Fiber Technology and a combination of 3-stage system of sanding, compounding and polishing the clear coat of your car, defects on clear coat has no match. Professional scratch repair is now in layman’s reach without seeing an expensive workshop.

So next time your car got scratched, don’t rush out to the body shop until you applied this first aid for scratches. And you will be surprised that you will no longer need a professional help.

Magic Scratch Repair Cloth

Multi-Purpose and Multiple Application

The Magic Scratch Repair Cloth is not only great for repairing scratch, it can also restore the smoothness, gloss, and brilliance for faded and weathered paint layer. It effectively and safely removes paint film or surface stain, dust, eliminate fading paint layer and oxide layer.

It works for your treasured furniture as well. It removes alcohol, water, ink and heat stains from furniture and polishes and waxes wood and enamel parts. It is effective to clean and remove rust stains and spots from pewter, gold, chrome, nickel, steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, enamel, and ceramic tiles too.

Magic Scratch Repair Cloth

Time and Money Saving and Eco-Friendly!

The Magic Scratch Repair Cloth is not only time saving it is also reusable. So after you repaired your newly scratched car, don’t just throw the cloth yet. Just put it back to its resealable bag. It can be used a total of about 10-15 times, since we all know that you won’t scratch your car once.

The Magic Scratch Repair Cloth is made from eco-friendly material so it’s safe to use and not color sensitive. You can use it to any paint color.

Magic Scratch Repair Cloth

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