TAIR – Revolutionary Inflatable Car Roof Rack

Road trips are fun! You could be on your way to the beach with surfboards. Or maybe you’re going camping in the great outdoors, with equipment like tents and cookware. Whatever trip you are on, you definitely need something to transport your gear – like the TAIR Inflatable Car Roof Rack!

This handy device is a MUST for all your adventures. You already have a regular car roof rack, you say? TAIR Inflatable Car Roof Rack is much better, and here’s why.

TAIR is stronger, more durable

Typical roof racks are heavy, which can take its toll on your car, affecting road performance. You could get lighter ones, but those aren’t durable and sturdy enough.

tair inflatable car roof rack close up

TAIR takes care of all those problems while keeping your stuff safe. It’s compact and light, so it doesn’t affect how your car performs on the road. Plus, it’s made of inner tube which gives it a stronger bearing capacity without deforming or leaking air.

Easy to install, use and store TAIR

You don’t need to be a handyman with special tools to set it up. Just get a regular pump, and you can use your roof after four simple steps. Pump it, install it, load your stuff, tighten the straps, and you are good to go.

Unlike regular car roof racks, TAIR isn’t bulky and difficult to put away. Once you deflate and fold it, it’s smaller than a shoebox. Keep it in your trunk, glove compartment, or even under your seat.

tair inflatable car roof rack steps

Enjoy versatility with TAIR

You would need different types of car roof racks for specific cars and items. That would be annoying if you got a new car, or if you need to transport sports equipment on one day, and bulky car on another. The good thing about the TAIR is that you can use it with any item and any car.

tair inflatable car roof rack any

That’s just a few of the features that make this device a must-have for people who like traveling adventures. Even if you just need to move stuff around, the TAIR Inflatable Car Roof Rack works well, too. It’s a worthy investment for anyone with a car.

tair inflatable car roof rack use


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