Laser Keyboard Virtual Projector – Type on Any Flat Surface

A Laser Keyboard has the ability to project a keyboard on to any flat surface using an infrared projector technology.  It makes it very convenient when trying to type on your mobile device.

The keyboard expands to a wide enough size to feel like you’re typing on a real keyboard.  It uses bluetooth technology to connect to your iPhone, Android, Computer, tablet, iPad or laptop.

virtual keyboard typing


A Laser Keyboard is an amazing companion because of it’s portable size

A Laser Keyboard is as big as a modern car key.  The size is so compact it fits perfectly on your house keys so you can take it anywhere with you. You can probably use a keychain device that lets you separate it from your keys easily.

Another perk that makes this the best projector keyboard on the market is the fact that it has a rechargeable battery that lasts hours.  When your finished for the day, hook it up to the included USB cable and it shouldn’t take long to charge it.

portable compact laser keyboard


usb slot virtual keyboard projector keyboard

Laser Keyboard meets flat surface

Standing the laser keyboard up and projecting it on to a flat surface is really not as cumbersome as one would think.  There are plenty of videos reviewing and so far it checks out extremely well.  The bottom of the device is flat and the weight is heavy, fairing well on any flat surface.

It does not require much space to use the full length of the keyboard either.  A size comparison can be drawn between nine inches to one foot depending on the surface and elevation.

Virtual laser Keyboard Projection Surface

These are a hard item to find, but thankfully there are some left on amazon still.  You’ll have to see all buying options on the website to see where you can get one of these.  They’re definitely a nice novelty to have and hopefully more production will really help this invention to get out there.


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