Light Up LED Teddy Bear Glows From Within

This light-up LED teddy bear will glow from within for a magical effect. Children are entranced by its soft ambience and plush design.

LED Teddy Bear Comes In Different Colors

The bright Easter-themed colors of these teddy bears will delight any toddler. In addition, there are seven changing LED colors within each bear.

Use these LED teddy bears as a safe, comforting nightlight for your child. Simply turn on at bedtime and watch the monsters under the bed go away.

LED Teddy Bear Is A Soft And Durable Friend

Constructed from durable, plush materials for a soft, huggable experience. This bear will quickly become your toddler’s best friend.

These bears require three AA batteries to function (not included). Simply activate the LED feature by pushing a button on the bear’s hand, and it’s ready to go!

$79.99 $39.99

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