Cordless Engraving Pen – Perfect for Metal Wood Ceramic Glass

The Cordless Engraving Pen is the perfect tool for engraving metal, wood, ceramic and glass allowing you to add a personal touch to all your belongings. It can help you personally identify your school supplies, laptop, phone, tools and so much more.

It’s absolutely cordless allowing you to carry it around anywhere you’d like without that annoying cord attached to it. It’s battery operated, so you can engrave things anywhere you want without needing an electrical outlet.

The Cordless Engraving Pen could be your next cool arts and crafts projects

Many people use this pen to create amazing works of art, including customized glasses, cool art on your laptop/phone or pretty much any DIY crafty ideas. It makes the perfect gift for arts and crafts lovers every where.

It’s not only used for arts and crafts, it could be used for someone who has many tools and hardware that they want to personalize. It’s perfect for engraving all your tools in your garage or simply just labeling them.

The Cordless Engraving Pen is safe to use

Engraving metal and other objects seems like a dangerous task, but this pen is very safe to use. It’s high powered engraving mechanism isn’t dangerous and most people who use it never run into the problem of accidents.

If you try engraving a balloon, it won’t even pop it! That’s how safe this pen really is. Get this gift for just about anyone and appeal to their art side.


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