Magnetic Vent Mount by Nite Ize (Original Steelie)

The Magnetic Vent Mount by Nite Ize is the perfect phone mount for your car because it fits most any car vent. It also uses a ball and magnet so you have a full range of motion with your phone allowing you to turn it side ways, tilt it, etc.

The Magnetic Vent Mount goes wherever you go

The car phone mount is awesome because it attaches to your air condition vent and you can easily clip it to any car. If you’re using a rental car you can transfer it to that car and remove it when you’re all done.

If you have multiple cards, you can transfer between both. The clip action is so easy to use, yet extremely sturdy which makes this an awesome product.

Magnetic Vent Mount car vent mount

Get Multiple Magnetic Vent Mounts between your cars

If you have a family with multiple cars in it, then get these awesome vent mounts for your entire family, that way, everyone can mount their phone no matter what car they’re driving. It’s extremely secure and keeps your phone tightly locked.

The clip also stays well mounted the air conditioning vent so it won’t get loose or fall off. It’s also gentle enough to not break your car air condition vent.

Magnetic Vent Mount packaging

$18.84 $16.84

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