Mean Pets Turn From Cute To Scary In A Flash

These mean pets look cute and cuddly, until with just one squeeze they’re ready to kill! Scare anyone in the vicinity with this simple but highly effective stuffed animal trick.

Mean Pets Will Shock and Delight

These cute, furry little creatures will entrance on initial glance. But simply squeeze the back of their heads and a fierce, angry expression will leave friends and family in shock.

Mean Pet 1

The effect is so instant, it makes a perfect gag gift or party trick. No batteries or recharging is required–this is a manual action that can be performed again and again as many times as you want.

Constructed from a soft, high-quality plush material. When not using to scare, these little animals also make great cuddle-buddies.

Kids will love both of this pet’s cute and angry expressions, but the toy is also fun for all ages. Supplies are limited, so be sure and snatch yours now.

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