Nail Catcher by CutHut – No Mess Fingernail Collector

The CutHut Ultimate Nail Catcher is the perfect manicure tool to help you cut your finger nails while cleaning up the clippings.  It solves the lifetime problem of cleaning up a huge mess when you cut your fingernails.

This tool traps clippings in a box that you can stick your finger in.  Emptying out this device is extremely easy after a groom.  Just pop the lid off and empty out your nail clippings.

cuthut ultimate nail catcher - emptying

To use the CutHut, simply place your finger in one side of the box, then use a nail clipper on the opposite side to cut the nail.  The entire action is enclosed inside the CutHut making it impossible for nail clippings to fall out.

Other nail clippers come with a nail catcher, but they get full easily or don’t catch every single clipping.  Most competitors only collect fingernails inside the shaft which is not as ideal as an entire box collecting them.

More detail on this nail catcher than you thought

Something that also sticks out about this device is that it naturally magnifies where you’re cutting which makes it excellent for fine detail.  No more back strain or fatigue from staring down all the time, with your cutting magnified you’ll be able to get every corner and detail without too much effort.

Did we mention the magnifying glass is pretty powerful?  Well here is the test results to show you:

CutHutUltimate Nail Catcher also has a nail file on the side of it, just to give it that extra edge.  After you’ve fine tuned your nails, you can use the side to smooth out the edges of your nail.  It also comes with an extra fingernail cutter to get you started.



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