The all-new Hydro Shot is the first-of-its-kind, truly portable, self-pressurized power cleaning and watering device. Its compact and efficient engineering makes it ideal for quick and easy cleaning tasks and eliminates the need for bulky hoses and clunky pressure washers that can damage your items and surfaces.

This unique power cleaning watering device has a portable design that self-pressurizes to generate a stream of water for cleaning and watering purpose. With Hydro Shot you can turn ordinary water hoses into a high-Power Jet Washer.

Use Hydro Shot Anywhere You Need It

The Hydro Shot lets you use literally ANY source of  water — a bucket, your pool, even the lake — so you can clean wherever it’s needed, without carrying lots of heavy water. Grab a bucketful of water and your Hydro Shot portable power cleaner for quick car detailing. Out on the lake? Drop the hose into the water to easily rinse off your boat. Or connect it to your garden hose for a steady stream.

Hydro Shot design also ensures power as long as you need it. It comes with efficient 20V Max battery — the same driving force that powers the entire collection of Power Share tools — means you’ll always be ready to take aim and clean at a moment’s notice.

Hydro Shot

Hydro Shot Adjustable Pressure for Your Needs

Hydro Shot fits for all your cleaning needs. It has five spray angles let you switch from a light shower spray for watering to a targeted spray for routine cleaning.

Maintain the appearance of your outside living spaces. Routine cleaning extends the life of your deck and its stain job. Use the pressure-enhancing extended lance to maximize the Hydro Shot’s water pressure up to 320psi. Attach the Cleaning Brush Hydroshot accessory to give a targeted cleaning to crevices and hard-to-reach areas of patio furniture. The long cleaning lance directs water where you need it, not on you.
Use the gentle setting on the Hydro Shot power cleaner to keep your plants and flowers watered year round without damaging their fragile leaves and petals. The watering lance attachment lets you reach high and easily target the spray. Watering lance delivers a gentle 94psi spray for watering plants and flowers quickly and conveniently.
Hydro Shot

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