Hand-Masker Dispenser

What’s the worst thing about painting? Probably having to wrap edges, windows, carpet, and protect all of your furnishings from getting paint splatter on it.

Save time when preparing for painting, ceiling texturing, exterior wall finishing or floor sanding with Hand-Masker Dispenser. It is the easiest way to wrap you stuff before you paint, and will save you hours of time on every paint, taping, drywall installation, or ceiling job.

Easy Preparation With Hand-Masker Dispenser

The Hand-Masker Dispenser is brilliant because you just roll it across the top of a window or furnishing to apply the top of it with tape, and you can then pull down a folded piece of wrap plastic to cover the entire window or furnishing all the way to the ground. All of this happens in mere seconds.

What was going to be hours of full taping and protecting furnishing, walls, bookcases, built-ins, and windows, can now be done in just a few minutes. The unique tool offers precision tape tracking and automatic tape and plastic cutting with the push of a button.

Hand-Masker Dispenser

Hand-Masker Dispenser is Great for Many Different Jobs

The automatic hand-masker tool is amazing for any indoor construction or painting job you may have to do, whether it’s a personal or professional job. The compact and lightweight design of the tool goes wherever you need it to go, and allows you to have your tape and wrap all in one tool.

The Hand-Masker Dispenser fits tape between 0.75-2 inches thick, and fits wrap between 3-18 inches wide. This lets you protect an entire piece of furnishing in one continuous motion.

Hand-Masker Dispenser


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