Scraper-Cone Car Ice Scraper – Easy Ice Removal

When winter comes to mind, the first thing you probably think about is snow. Snow is what makes winter so great – and so annoying at times. It might be fun to play with, but not when it builds up on your car and you have to get to work ASAP. The Scraper-Cone Car Ice Scraper can help you out of that situation.

scraper cone ice scraper snow car

If you hate freezing away as you try to chip off the ice that’s formed on your windshield, then the Scrape A Round Ice Scraper is perfect for you. You’d still be standing in the cold, but at least you’d get out of it much faster with how quickly this ice scraper works.

Scraper-Cone Car Ice Scraper gets the job done

So why use the Scrape A Round Ice Scraper when you have your handy traditional ice scraper? Simple. With its special cone-shaped design, cleaning frozen windshields is less challenging.

The cone has a sharp beveled edge and a spiked bottom you can use to cut through ice. With the two features combined, you can clear more ice faster compared to using a single-bladed end. Plus, the scraper is made of heavy plastic. This way, you can remove ice without damaging the glass in your windshield.

It is the original Scraper-Cone Car Ice Scraper

The manufacturers make and sell this product in the USA. You might find many cheap knockoffs on the Internet, but nothing beats the original.

Scrape A Round Ice Scraper is a household name in America because it is the best at what it does. And judging its track record, Americans have trusted it for a long time. You cannot fake a reputation like that!

Scraper-Cone ice scraper details

No wrist-strain with the Scrape A Round Ice Scraper

The Scrape A Round Ice Scraper has a more ergonomic design compared to conventional ice scrapers.  You can grasp it comfortably in one hand and remove ice in a single sweep. Because the plastic is light, the scraper is also easy to handle. You won’t be working too hard, which is great news if your joints easily hurt after applying pressure.


$25.99 for 3

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