Robofish Pet Toy Swims In Water Like The Real Thing

The Robofish pet toy is just like the real thing–throw it in water and watch it swim like a pro! Your kids will be amazed at how lifelike it is.

The Robofish Is The Ultimate Lifelike Pet

A robot fish that swims just like the real thing? No way!  But here it is, as at home in the water as its biological counterpart.

This Robofish comes in a pack of 4 different colored fish. Each fish is powered by two small replaceable batteries.

Simply turn the switch to “on” and watch them go. The colorful designs mimic the beauty of real tropical fish.

The Robofish Pet Toy Is Maintenance-Free

You’ll never have to feed these critters!  The Robofish is the ultimate maintenance-free pet for your kids.

$59.99 $29.99

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