Shot Roulette Is The Ultimate Party Game

This shot roulette is a wild game that will break the ice at any party. It’s loads of fun and will get the entire crowd involved.

Shot Roulette Brings The Casino To Your Home

In this roulette game, you make people drink by chance by spinning the roulette wheel. When they get any matching colors or numbers they take a drink from one of 16 shot glasses that come with the set!

This roulette game will bring the casino to your house, making for the best parties. Have fun with your friends and break the ice with new guests at the same time.

The game is perfect for anywhere between 2-8 players. Simply spin the wheel and let fortune do the rest.

Caution: the party can get pretty wild with this one! This item is blowing up on social media so be sure and grab yours while supplies last!

Roulette 1

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