Surprise Butterfly Prank Will Fool Anyone

Watch the faces on your friends and family as they encounter this surprise butterfly prank! A simple but effective trick that will leave them both surprised and delighted.

Surprise Butterfly Prank Brings Laughter In Seconds

Simply place this magic flying butterfly in between the flat pages of a card, letter, or book and anyone who opens it will get a pretty big surprise. Their eyes will light up in laughter when they see what you’ve sent!

This butterfly requires no batteries or electricity–it flies like magic of its own momentum. This makes it exceptionally easy to use: place it inside a book or card and you’re ready to go.

Butterfly 1

This set comes with five flying butterflies, all in an random assortment of bright colors.


The beautiful design of this butterfly will last far beyond the initial prank. And now your friends and family have a neat trick they can use on others!


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