Surprise Popup Monkey Makes A Great Prank

Prank friends and family with this surprise popup monkey that can be placed anywhere. Watch their faces light up in shock or surprise, before turning to laughter after they realize what’s just happened.

Surprise Popup Monkey Can Be Placed Anywhere

This popup monkey comes with three different modes: button, timer, and wire so that it can be placed anywhere.

Push the button mode to make it pop up instantly, use the timer mode to make it pop up within 10 seconds of being placed, or use the wire mode to make it peek then disappear!

Constructed of high quality plastic and plush material, with three different monkey faces available. You will receive one of these faces at random, depending on stock.

Have endless hours of amusement pranking people at home, at school, at the office, outdoors, virtually anywhere there are people to be pranked. Just be careful, because these mischievous little monkeys really can shock!

$59.99 $29.99

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