Vape Shot Alcohol Vaporizing Spirit Pump

Like many warm-blooded humans, I like to drink. It’s a fun activity that just never seems to lose its appeal. But if you are finding that drinking booze has lost its appeal for you, there is a solution: Don’t drink your alcohol. Inhale it!

The Vape Shot turns alcohol into vapor so that you can inhale it and feel silly. It’s an unusual but intriguing proposition.

Alcohol Goes Straight to Your Bloodstream

Inhaling vaporized booze means that the alcohol goes straight to your bloodstream through your lungs instead of your stomach, which means you feel the drunken rush of a BAC spike almost immediately. And since you’re not actually imbibing anything, you don’t have to worry about downing a bunch of calories or feeling full

Plus, Vape Shot brings out the real aroma and flavor of desire spirit. It’s most likely going to taste and feel different from the liquid form. But we’re pretty sure you will like it even better.

Vape Shot Alcohol Vaporizing Spirit Pump

The Most Portable Alcohol Vaporizer and Easy to Use

Vape Shot is so portable and easy to take on to any party. It’s not bulky compare to other alcohol vaporizer. All you need is an empty 2 liter bottle and your good to go.

To use, simply pour small amount of your favorite mix drink or shot (1-2oz) into the empty bottle and close it with the Vape Shot. Hold firm and pump 15-20 times and quickly release it, vape cloud will be created and enjoy!

Vape Shot works on any type of liquor you want — vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, bourbon, etc. It’s all up to you. Pick your own poison and cheers!

Vape Shot Alcohol Vaporizing Spirit Pump


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