Car Seat Gap Storage Pocket Keeps Items From Getting Lost

This car seat gap storage pocket fits neatly in the gap between your seat and center console, so you won’t lose any more belongings!

Car Seat Gap Storage Pocket Comes In Sleek Leather Finish

Every car owner knows what it’s like to lose keys, phones, and other precious items in that annoying gap between the seat and console. It can take hours with a flashlight and much twisting of the arm to fish them back out.

With this car seat gap storage pocket, you simple fit it over that gap and voila! A new place to store your belongings that also prevents them from falling into oblivion.

Store your bills, laptops, books, cell phones, parking cards, and more inside this handy pocket. Passengers will love it, too.

This car pocket is constructed with a smooth leather finish to seamlessly blend with your car’s decor. It is super-easy to install, and will make losing your things a thing of the past.

$39.99 $19.99

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