Magnetic Phone Holder For Hands-Free Viewing

This Magnetic Phone Holder is perfect for those who can’t stop staring at their phone screen! It allows for a perfect viewing experience at any angle.

Magnetic Phone Stand

This is SUPER handy for your phone 😂👉 Get it here 👉 would you put this stand? 🤔

Posted by Legit Gifts on Saturday, February 24, 2018

Magnetic Phone Holder Features 360 Degree Rotation

This phone holder features a high-quality, 360 degree rotational head mount that’s fully adjustable. It allows you to view your phone from any angle.

This holder features a strong car magnet mount that’s able to hold all styles of smartphones. No tools are required to mount–simply place it where you want and it will stick like glue.

Magnet Phone 2

This phone holder is perfect for rideshare drivers and others who need a place to see their phone’s navigation app as they drive. You’ll never be without it!

With a high-quality 3M adhesive that sticks onto any surface and fully adjustable head mount, this is the best phone holder currently on the market. It’s blowing up on social media, so be sure and grab yours today!

$21.99 $11.99

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