How many times have we seen commercial of tools with super upgraded features. There are wrenches that fit all bolts, tape measure with laser measurer, a drill bit that can cut metals, and many more 21st century tools. But the toolbox hasn’t been updated since the beginning of time. Why not build the new age toolbox for all the new tools we carry?

The Coolbox gives you the storage you need, but with added features and functions more advance than the upgrades of the tools we see on commercials. This will also make all your projects easier, safer and more fun.

Coolbox is the Last Toolbox You’ll Need!

We are all tired of bringing speakers, phone charger, note pad, and lights with us to every job amongst other things and to have an extension cord tailing us whenever we needed an outlet for our power tools. This toolbox got you covered!

This toolbox has built in dual 20W Marine Grade Speakers, dual brightness detachable LED lamp, 2 USB DC Ports, 3 Fused AC Ports, custom tablet stand on top cover and on the inside, hidden mobile phone compartment, removable whiteboard, Custom LED Display with clock and battery status display, bottle opener and magnetic lid to secure bolts, screws and nuts.

Coolbox has a strong 11.1V / 3Ah Lithium Polymer Battery that can be charged through its 8ft AC Extension Cable.


Built With Toughness & Quality In Mind

Coolbox is built to take a beating. Constructed of high impact resin, heavy duty machined aluminum latches and handles, and an air/water tight lid seal, the Coolbox is engineered to last.

Coolbox has heavy-duty rubberized wheels that works even on construction site terrains. It has a dual side handles and top handle able to support up to 60lbs of tools. The Coolbox is also waterproof with rated IPX4 Rating and all AC and USB ports have their own airtight covers.


$349.00 $299.00

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