Keep dirt and debris where it belongs with Tidy Trax “Hands-Free” Shoe Covers. These lightweight, durable, and flexible covers quickly slide over your boots or shoes to envelop dirty soles and help keep floors clean.

Ideal for gardeners, construction workers, or anyone who works outside, these shoe covers eliminate time-consuming cleanup and make it easy to go in and out of the house without making a mess.

Easy-to-Use Shoe Covers Stop Dirt in Its Tracks

Whether you’re a gardener or contractor, you don’t want to track your mess indoors. Thankfully, with Tidy Trax shoe covers, it’s quick and easy to prevent tracks. Simply insert your grimy shoes toe-first into the shoe covers and push your heels down. The covers’ molded fingers firmly grip your shoes and keep them in position. To take off Tidy Trax, step on the heel kicker and lift your heel–there’s no need to bend over or sit down to take them off or put them on.

Perfect for home workers that are constantly needing to enter homes to fix appliances, do quotes, or for realtors demoing a lot of homes, these  Plus, Tidy Trax shoe covers is reusable that allow you to use them over and over again without having to throw away some plastic after every use.

Tidy Trax

Durable, Easy-to-Clean Material

Tidy Trax lightweight, sturdy shoe covers are designed for daily use. They’re made of molded EVA foam and won’t scratch or harm floors. The extended heel kickers are reinforced with heavy-duty TPU plastic, and the inserts are molded fingers that grip your shoes to help them stay in place.

To quickly and easily remove mud and grime from your Tidy Trax, grab a hose and give the shoe covers a blast of water. For dried-on dirt, clap the covers together to loosen and remove the debris.

Tidy Trax


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