Dremel Versa High-Speed Power Cleaner

Give up the elbow grease! Spend less time cleaning and let the Dremel Versa do the scrubbing. This powerful, high-speed cleaning tool is the solution to conquering the small, tough cleaning jobs. With four versatile accessories, you can effortlessly scrub away dirt, scum and grease from every surface inside and outside your home.

4 Quick Connect Accessories for a Variety of Cleaning Application

Dremel Versa comes with 4 quick connect brush accessories; Eraser Pad, Non-scratch Pad, Bristle Pad and Heavy Duty Pad. From polishing delicate surfaces to powering through rust, you can quickly change between accessories to take on every chore.

Eraser Pad is a multi-purpose accessory for hard surfaces including counter tops, floors, doors, walls, shoes and more. Non-Scratch Pad is for surfaces that require scrubbing without scratching, such as pots, pans, sinks, tubs and more. Bristle Brush is perfect for detailed areas or objects that require heavy-duty cleaning such as grout and grill exteriors. And the Heavy Duty Pad aggressively removes stubborn scum and baked-on food, as well as small surface scratches on your wood furniture.

Dremel Versa High-Speed Power Cleaner

Dremel Versa is Designed with Rechargeable Battery, Waterproof and Ergonomic in Mind

Dremel Versa can be used on wet surfaces or use it with a solution of your cleaning soap and water. The water resistant design and retractable splashguard are perfect for using the Dremel Versa in wet and dry applications.

Dremel Versa is powered by an efficient USB system that holds its charge. Once you’ve blasted through the grime, plug the Dremel Versa into the universal micro USB adapter for a quick, 2-hour charge.

Compact and ergonomic design fits comfortably in one hand, while textured soft-grip offers comfort and control even in tight spaces. Let the Dremel Versa do the work, no need for push on the tool like you would with manual scrubbing; enjoy the clean without the effort.

Dremel Versa High-Speed Power Cleaner



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