The Quick Bonding Set is a must for all professional trades people and DIY’ers alike, It can be used anywhere you would normally use superglue but the added advantage of the special structural filling powders which can be used to fill holes and cracks or simply to reinforce your repairs.

It’s ideal for steel, wood, plastics, rubber, aluminium, ceramics, carbon fiber – the list is practically endless.

Quick Bonding Set Bonds Better Than Superglue

Quick Bonding Set sets to a welded-strength hardness in only 7 seconds. In addition, this amazing adhesive comes with reinforcing powder. This turns it into a superb filler for repairing cracks and holes in everything from a car’s bodywork to a shed roof – wooden skirting boards to ceramic sinks.

The set contains everything you need including adhesives and powders in grey and black, includes full instructions, gloves, scraper, knife and push pin.. So why be stuck with inferior adhesives when you can stick with Quick Bonding Set?

Quick Bonding Set

Quick Bonding Set is so Practical with so Many Application

Quick Bonding operation is very convenient, anytime, anywhere in any condition. It is resistant to high and low temperature and sets in just 7 seconds. It is also resistant to weather exposure.

Repairs almost anything from toys, PVC’s, tools, automotive & many more. The Powder to repair Bumper, Grilles, Radiators, Motorcycle Fairings, Electrical Switches, Door Handles, Distributor caps, etc

Quick Bonding Set

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