Kurgo Dog Booster Seat – Your Dog’s Very Own Booster Seat

Kurgo Dog Booster Seat is the best way for your small- to medium sized dogs to fit in the passenger seat with you.  It makes it both safe for the driver and the dog to be riding with one of these.

You can use this device to attach to multiple places in the car, but the most common one is in the front seat.  Installing it is a breeze:

The Kurgo Dog Booster Seat keeps your dog from roaming

It’s tough when it comes to forcing your dog to stand still.  The Kurgo Dog Booster Seat comes with a short range leash that holds your dog in the basket so roaming is not possible.

Kurgo Strap Dog Booster Seat

The booster seat is lined with comfortable material and soft padding so your dog will be more than comfortable.  It’s also machine washable linen, so keeping it clean is not an issue.

Dog Booster Seat Skybox Kurgo

The harness can handle dogs up to 30 pounds so it does work for a wide range of dogs.  It’s something that can definitely be used to make driving you and your dog, safer.


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